DBT Skills Training Curriculum for IOP Teens

dbtcurrOver the summer I got to design a 16-week DBT skills training group curriculum for one of the high schools my agency services for the IOP (intensive outpatient) program. The program runs twice in a school year, giving the facilitator the option to choose to change aspects of the curriculum such as worksheets or time spent on different skills on the second round.

This curriculum goes through what I’ve found to be the best skills to emphasize for teenagers in the program and gives which handouts and worksheets I suggest for each skill. Most handouts are taken from the second edition publication from Linehan, though for some, I prefer my own (such as my BCA worksheet). Each handout/worksheet is annotated in the same manner as Linehan does in the book. The “+” worksheets are my own, taken from my writing for this website.

Each group is an hour long, held twice a week. During an “a” session, the material is introduced and explained and homework assigned. During a “b” session, homework is discussed and material is reviewed and clarified. Each session also includes a short (approximately 5 minutes) mindfulness activity to bring the group’s focus in and set the tone of the discussion. Please read Linehan’s explanation on group format on pp.53-57 of the Skills Training Manual for more detail on appropriate group formatting.

Feel free to use the format I have or check out the other curricula examples given in the Skills Training Manual and let me know how you like it!