To New Beginnings

I was recently talking to my friend and creator of several businesses including content marketing and proofwriting sites and he helped me to realize that I needed to begin doing things now that I had planned for the future. I didn’t start my LLC for my awesome social work mobile phone app that I’ve been planning, but I thought I could start a little smaller.

I had planned on starting a blog to accompany my own eventual mental health agency’s website when I’m a big-shot LCSW with lots of experience. But yanno what? I have experience and innovations even if I am missing the “C” in between my LSW. So, this is where I’ll be putting my ideas, findings, and insight. And we’ll see where this train takes us.

As Seth Godin said:

Quote_smYou – everyone in fact – have all it takes to be a brilliant designer, creator, or author. All that’s holding you back is the lizard. It’s that little voice in the back of your head, the ‘but’ or the ‘what if’ that speaks up at the crucial moment and defeats the joy and insight you brought to the project in the first place. It’s the lizard that ruins your career, stunts your projects, and hinders your organization.”

So. To punching the lizard in the face. And to new beginnings.